Your home’s foundation is foremost in your home’s stability. Protect it!


When you think about home, you probably think about family, relaxation, coziness and, most importantly, longevity. With the proper care, your home should last a lifetime — or longer. But in order to do that, you need to ensure that regular maintenance is a top priority.

Your home’s foundation is paramount to its lifespan. If you start to notice the signs of foundation problems, for instance, it is important to get them checked out as soon as possible, to ensure they can be fixed and the problems don’t worsen. When left unchecked, foundation issues can become unnecessarily expensive.

Are you worried that you might miss the signs of a foundation that is in need of repairs? Here are just a few causes for concern:

  1. Your doors and/or windows don’t open and close as easily as they should
  2. Your walls are bowed
  3. Your floors are uneven or slope
  4. There are cracks in your walls, floors or interior/exterior brick

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it is time to call Metroplex Foundation Repair to schedule a free estimate. Metroplex is family owned and has operated in the North Texas area for 45 years. That means the foundation repair specialists not only know how to fix your problems, but they also know the causes that are most associated with the area. In North Texas, for instance, many homes were built with cast iron plumping in the 1960s and 1970s, and those pipes are starting to deteriorate and erode. The drastic changes in moisture in the area also add to foundation issues, as the soil around your home expands and contracts.

There are many reasons why your foundation may be in need of repair, and until they are identified, your issues will just compound and worsen. So while it may never be the “right time” to budget for fixes, there are many financing options available to you. Metroplex offers zero dollars down and low monthly payments, as well as discounts for senior citizens and various workers, such as nurses, teachers, military members, police and firefighters. Again, the most important thing you can do for your home is protect its foundation — start today.


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