Get professionals to deal with Slab Foundation Problems Dallas


When you choose to make a new house, the principal question that shows up in mind of all homeowners is the thing what sort of foundation they use for their house. In any case, when you purchase an old house, there isn’t much you can do about it and can simply make a fundamental plan to keep the foundation unblemished. In any case, Geography and weather conditions direct the kind of foundation that is best for you. In light of zone weather, they frequently have issues that require arrangements. Since the 1970s, solid slab foundations have progressed toward becoming standard and most homes have a slab foundation, particularly in a warm atmosphere. The slab foundation is poured over the dirt and is made of thick cement fortified by rebar.

Common problems with a slab foundation

Some of the common problems that you might experience with slab foundation are –

  • Upheaval – In this, the foundation rises in areas, due to increased moisture in clay soil or improper design.
  • Foundation cracks – Foundation cracks can be the result of the numerous factors, including upheaval. Cracks in the foundation can lead to bugs, water, and moisture to seep into the house.
  • Settling – Settling is a common issue that most homes In settings, home starts sinking into the ground, but if the sinking is more than normal threshold, it can lead to foundation problems.
  • Uneven floors – Floor sagging, dipping or cracked can indicate a sign of foundation damage.
  • Other problems – When you experience slab foundation problems, you might notice cracks in walls, ceiling, doors not opening or closing properly, gaps appearing between ceiling and walls, or walls and floors, sagging roofline, etc.

How to deal with Slab Foundation Problems Dallas

Since your entire house stands on its foundation, it’s important to frequently service foundation if you keep your home safe. All foundation problems arise due to shifting soil. So, to deal with slab foundation problems, you need to hire experienced foundation repair specialists. If you are looking for such a repair specialist, then you should contact Metroplex Foundation Repair.

Metroplex foundation Repair is an experienced foundation repair company that has been in the service for over 45 years. With their extensive experience, they give an excellent solution to Slab Foundation Problems Dallas. They perform slab foundation repair in three phases –

  • Phase 1 includes site preparation in which shrubs, plants, and vegetation are removed and holes are excavated for installation of piers. Then concrete pilings are installed into the ground with a hydraulic
  • Phase 2 includes leveling the home with hydraulic jacks, and then hydraulic jacks are replaced with concrete cylinders one by one and any space left between pier and exterior grade beam is filled with steel shims.
  • After securing the foundation with concrete pilings, comes the Phase 3. The excavated soil is filled again in the holes and breakouts in the surface concrete are patched. Finlay the land is cleared and debris is taken away.

These are the steps that the team of Metroplex Foundation Repair carries out in repairing your slab foundation. If you want to know more about their services, contact their customer service or visit their official website.