Pier And Beam Leveling Solution By Professionals To Save Your Property


Pier and Beam Leveling


Homeowners should know the value of Pier and Beam Leveling.Each and every pier and beam foundation is different in every property. Some need minor adjustment and replacement whereas others are in far greater need of repair. Pier and beam houses generally have space which requires additional care while repairing.

It is very important to check every beam, single plate, rim etc while Pier and Beam levelling to crawl down the house. The structure tree strips or home-based large rocks are not suitable for today’s quality which are found in old houses.

The structure of Pier and beam consists of a floor, a sub-floor, a slope plate to support the exterior walls, a pressure wrench beam, a shield, turret, and concrete foot. Alaborer may require complete foundation reform as Pier and Beam Leveling is time-consuming project.

About us:

Metroplex Foundation Repair is efficient in solving all pier and beam Leveling foundation issues for over 45 years. Metroplex Foundation provides solutions to all types of the pier and beam foundation needs of your home or office building by inspecting and evaluating each building individually and make it best recommendations to the homeowner.

foundation issues

We also offer special financing specifically for pier and beam homeowners, as well as a detailed maintenance plan to extend the life of the foundation as these kinds of repairs can be expensive.

Why choose us?

  • Small Monthly Payments
  • Pier and Bean Special Financing
  • Concrete piers around your perimeter as needed
  • 100% Financing Available
  • The work area will be cleaned in better condition
  • Replaced rotted/damaged wood
  • Flexible payment options make house repair easy
  • Add new pads & steel shims as needed
  • 24/7 customer support ensures that you can contact us anytime if you need assistance.

Symptoms of a property when it needs Pier and Beam Leveling:

  • Displaced or cracked moldings
  • Separation of doors, windows or garage doors
  • Doors will not open and close properly
  • Bowing floors
  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracks in exterior or interior brick
  • Tiles cracked
  • Un-level floors
  • Walls separating from the house
  • Garage door not opening or closing properly
  • Sagging floors
  • Wrinkles in wallpaper
  • Cabinets separating from ceiling or wall

Cabinets separating from ceiling

Process of leveling:
  • Steel shims to existing pads
  • Concrete piers around your perimeter as needed
  • Replaced rotted/damaged wood to support beams, floor joist and steel plates
  • Adding new pads & steel shims as needed

Metroplex covered their services in Denton, Collin, Tarrant, Rockwall, Kaufman, Hunt and Ellis counties which includes cities that are more prone to serious foundation issues, such as Cedar Hill, Fort Worth, Mesquite, Paris, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, South Dallas and, The Colony.

Metroplex foundation

Metroplex foundation also provides repair services for Slab repairs and other foundation issues. Our entire team is courteous and professional and work hard to give you the best results of Pier and Beam Leveling always on-time. For any assistance, Call one of our specialists today or visit our website for the correct solution for your most important investment of your home.