Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas

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The foundation is the bedrock of your property. If it fails, everything else goes with it. The frame, walls, joists, roof, and more cannot stand if your foundation has problems. Whether your floors are cracked, your walls are bowed, or your mortar joints are slanting, we offer comprehensive foundation repair in Dallas, TX.


Foundation problems are dangerous to the people living in your home and can quickly destroy your property value. Don’t settle while your house settles. Get the damage inspected and repaired as soon as they start.


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Three Reasons to Choose Dallas Foundation Repair

  1. We are professionals who pride ourselves on quality workmanship and expert customer service.


  1. We offer competitive prices to repair your foundation and protect your property value.


  1. We have experience repairing a wide varieties of foundations: crawl spaces, basements, slabs, and more.

Foundation Repair Services Dallas, Texas

We offer a wide range of foundation repair solutions to the people of Dallas. So regardless of your foundation type and the source of damage, we’ve got a service to meet your needs.

Concrete Slab Repair

If your slab was installed on loose soil, filler dirt, or if the earth has simply weakened over time, your concrete slab may get cracked or warped as it sinks into the earth below. A common repair known as slabjacking involves drilling holes into strategic locations of your slab, filling them with a special grout mixture that expands to level the foundation, and then sealing the holes with concrete to return the slab to ideal conditions.

Crawl Space Support

If your crawl space is sagging or sinking, typical repair options involve jacking the support beams up to return the home to its usual elevation.

Pier and Beam Leveling

Piering is a common foundation repair method that involves driving steel pipes into the earth so that they rest upon a surface of appropriate strength to support your property. These pipes are then connected to your foundation and adjusted in order to level it to its original elevation. Pier and beam leveling can be used on an entire home or as a one-off solution for sinking porches, decks, and patios.


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Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Mother nature has a hundred and one ways to tear your home apart at its roots. Whether evaporation is drying out the soil beneath your home or trees and other plant life are sucking the moisture from the earth, the net effect of weakening soil is the same: your foundation has no solid ground to stand on.


Here are a few of the most common signs that you need foundation repair in Dallas, TX.

Cracks in Your Home

If there are visible cracks on the interior or exterior surfaces of your home, it is a very likely sign of shifting foundation that needs to be repaired. Brick, concrete, plaster, and drywall can all be split asunder, and the cracks will only get bigger the more the foundation shifts.

Uneven Floors

Typically, a house is built with level flooring, regardless of the slope it is built upon. If you start to notice that your floors are uneven, it could be an indication that the earth beneath your home is shifting or settling.

Sinking Porches

When your foundation goes bad, your porch, deck, or stoop may begin to settle with the earth beneath it. Often, this sinking is easier to notice than signs on the main property because the porch is set off from the rest of the home.


Signs of Foundation Damage?

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Residential Foundation Repair Dallas Texas!

Let us lift up your home.


We know how nerve wracking it can be to live in a home with signs of foundation damage. Everyday you put off repairs, you know that your home is becoming a little bit more dangerous to live in and the resale value is dropping a little be more.


Our professional residential foundation repair services in Dallas will help ease your mind, protect your family, and maintain your property value.


Don’t let your home sink away another day.

Commercial Foundation Repair Dallas

Dallas Foundation Repair isn’t just for homeowners. We are experts at commercial foundation repair for the businesses of Texas as well.


As a business owner, landlord, or real estate investor, you simply cannot afford the risk of faulty foundation. Protect yourself from a lawsuit or the loss of a major asset by getting your commercial property foundation inspected and repaired as soon as possible.


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Let’s face it, you’ve got foundation problems, and we’ve got your solutions.


Every minute you delay, your property value plummets and you put lives at risk. If you are looking for foundation repair in Dallas Texas – look no further.


Give us a call today at 877-850-6990 for a no pressure consultation to find the best way to get your house back in shape from the ground up.


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