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Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundation Repair

Metrolpex Foundation Repair Dallas

Metroplex Foundation Repair in Dallas Texas keeps the people of Dallas above ground. Don’t let sinkholes, faulty foundation, or shoddy construction get you down. We can lift you back up.


When your foundation fails, your property falls. And we’re not just talking about elevation. Foundation damage, if left untreated, can cause your property value to plummet. If it gets bad enough, your home might become completely unsellable, and eventually uninhabitable.


Trust our team of foundation repair specialists to diagnose the damages, and put your property back in working condition.


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Foundation Repair Services in Dallas, Texas

Concrete slab, crawl space, basement – it doesn’t matter what type of foundation you’ve got. If your property is in Dallas, we can repair it!

Repairing a Crawl Space Foundation

Rot caused by moisture, sagging soil, and poor construction can all lead to the need for repair of crawl space foundations. We find a solution to fit the damage. Sometimes, this means repairing damaged wood, sometimes adding additional supports, and sometimes even installing columns of concrete for added support.

Repairing a Concrete Slab Foundation

Don’t settle for quick fixes when it comes to repairing cracked or damaged slab. It’s not a do-it-yourself task and it’s not something to trust to your uncle Jerry the Handyman. As professional foundation repair experts, we can identify exactly where new holes need to be drilled, how much fill needs to be added, and the best way to seal everything back up again to get your concrete slab back to normal.

Repairing Foundation with Piers

An ideal method of getting your foundation back in order is known as piering. This causes no damage to the yard and doesn’t disrupt daily life. Piering is the process of installing metal support poles through the soil and connecting them to your existing foundation. The poles are installed over solid earth to make up for any sagging that may have been caused by your existing foundation, and the house is then leveled to the proper grade.

Why You Should Choose Metroplex Foundation Repair

  1. As homeowners ourselves, we know how important it is to find contractors you can trust at an affordable price.


  1. We repair all manner of foundations. We’ve got experience with concrete slabs, basements, crawl spaces, pier and beam, and plenty more – residential and commercial.


  1. We know that happy customers are our best advertisers, so we aim to please.


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Dallas Texas Foundation Repair | Residential

Your home should be a place to retire from the business of work, relax with the family, and rest easy at night.


You simply can’t do this if you know that your foundation is failing you. Home isn’t home if it’s not built on solid ground.


Cracks in the walls, warping basement, a chimney crumbling upon itself. All these symptoms and more make it hard to even look at your house and feel relaxed – let alone live in it.


We’ll make your home livable again and protect the value of your property with expert residential foundation repair.

Dallas Foundation Repair | Commercial

If you own commercial property in Dallas, you might have more to worry about than a homeowner with foundation damage.


Whether you have your own business, rent out office space, or lease retail space – you can’t risk violating building codes or putting clients and tenants in danger. Faulty foundation is a lawsuit waiting to happen, but we’ve got the commercial foundation repair services you need to keep business booming.

How to Know If You Need Foundation Repair

Whether your property is residential or commercial, the symptoms of foundation damage are the same. Damage might come from too much moisture, too little, or simply poor planning during the time of construction. Whatever the cause, here are some of the signs that you might need to have your foundation inspected for repair.

Large or Expanding Cracks

Cracks are a sign that your walls or floor are turning. Whether they are made of wood, concrete, drywall, brick, or plaster, they are very large pieces of material that aren’t meant to bend or twist. When the earth beneath them shifts, they are exposed to much more torque than they were designed for and will crack. While some cracking of surfaces might be due to other factors, if you notice very large cracks, or cracks that are growing in size, it’s time to get your foundation inspected.

Stuck Doors

There are lots of reasons that doors get stuck, but if several doors throughout your house don’t seem to fit in their frames anymore, you might have foundation damage. As your walls shift, doorways become ever-so-slightly slanted, so they are off angle from the doors.

Change in Flooring Grade

Have you noticed new slants in your floor? Does your toddler’s favorite ball roll down the living room floor even without being pushed? A change in grade of your floor is a sure sign of potential foundation damage and merits immediate inspection.


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Metroplex Foundation Repair is here to put your mind at ease. If you suspect that your home or commercial property might be suffering foundation damage, contact us to arrange for a diagnostic inspection to help you find the solutions you need.