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Everything is bigger in Texas — including problems associated with weather. The 100-plus degree temperatures in the dry season and heavy rainfall that North Texas experiences during the wet season, along with drastic humidity changes during both, causes havoc on the soil. And while those things are definitely difficult for people to deal with, their homes get the brunt force. Soil expanding and contracting so drastically puts pressure on your home’s foundation, and that can cause to cracks or Foundation Issues In Dallas.

Here are some ways that you can tell if your soil is likely to or has already caused problems:

Your home was built in the before the 1970s

Many homes in North Texas were built between 1960 and 1970, when cast iron was a popular material for plumbing. Unfortunately, cast iron that was used back then is now starting to deteriorate or erode, meaning soil underneath your slab foundation can become infused with water and create extensive damage.

Homes that were built prior to the 1960s also come with their own set of problems: Most of them were constructed with cedar post piers, which only go a few inches into the ground. There is not much surface area underneath these homes to support their foundations, and over time the surface area can erode below the posts, leaving the homes unstable.

There are trees or large shrubs near your home

Trees and large shrubs on property that were not planted with a root barrier can cause Foundation Issues In Dallas you can’t see. The root systems call be extensive, and they can grow underneath the home and push up on your foundation, causing cracks.

Root systems also need water to survive, and when they are close to the home they can suck away necessary moisture, meaning your slab foundation can begin to settle.

There is a lack of ventilation

The soil underneath your home needs to aerate properly. Aeration keeps the soil healthy, and it can help you to avoid deterioration or mold on your wood.

If you suspect your Foundation Issues In Dallas is being threatened by poor soil or other factors, give Metroplex Foundation Repair a call to schedule a free estimate. The foundation repair specialists at Metroplex have 45 years of experience with North Texas soil, and they can keep you safe in your home.


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