Foundation Issues in Dallas

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“Metroplex Foundation Repair company just completed work on the foundation of or home and I just wanted to send a note to compliment your crew.”Bill W. in Desoto, TX
Do You Have Foundation Issues?

Foundation RepairAcross North Texas some of your foundation issues are a combination of Poor Drainage, No Root Barrier, Highly active clay soil, Cedar Post piers installed prior to the 1960’s, overgrown Landscaping, Old Iron Plumbing crumbling, original construction, over the long run these issues are disastrous on the foundation of your biggest investment, your home.

Maintaining proper drainage around your home is an imperative part of foundation maintenance. A positive slope away from the foundation approximately 5% for a distance of 5 feet, so that excess water will flow away from your home. Soil should be two to three inches below the brick line. Gently sloping soil, gutters, downspouts between structures are helpful to avoid erosion and can help with moisture problems. Downspout extension and splash-blocks, or underground piping are highly recommended.

Sticking Doors - Foundation RepairMost homes built before the 1960s were built on cedar post piers, extending only a few inches into the ground, providing very little surface area to support the home’s foundation. The surface area over time can erode below the posts, losing both its integrity and ability to support the structure.

Root Barriers

Root Barriers are made to encourage the tree roots to grow downward instead of horizontally and upward to prevent foundation damage. Root Barriers act as an underground wall that blocks tree roots from penetrating the nearby streets, sidewalks, and foundations.

Slab Repair


Slab Foundation RepairHighly active clay soil, acts like a sponge, expanding when wet then shrinking when dry. This expansion over time placing undue stress on your foundation. Slab foundations are especially susceptible to damage from soil expansion. Keeping soil around your home moist, will prevent shrinkage and movement along the foundation. Unknown plumbing leaks also must be considered as that can add to unevenness in the soil moisture.


Unmaintained vegetation like Large bushes and trees planted to close to the building affect your foundation in negative ways. Your soil to dry out and shrink. This condition is magnified during drought conditions, which force the roots to consume moisture and to extend further under a structure for their own survival. Oaks, Weeping Willows and Cottonwoods can soak up hundreds of gallons of water a day from under a foundation. Tree pruning, root barriers, or even tree removal may be necessary.

Plumbing Leaks

When a plumbing leak occurs under the slab the balance is disturbed. Moisture from a leak can cause the soil to expand, putting pressure on the foundation. Tests on the home’s sewer systems and water supply should be performed. Sometimes, sump pump drainage and excavation is necessary.